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NVIDIA drivers and multi-monitor setups

nvidiaSince July 2015, my GeForce Experience has become somewhat of a nightmare.

I'm among a few dozen people who are suffering from several issues with their multi-monitor setup with the latest NVIDIA drivers and the only solution so far seems to be to stick to driver version 353.62 which was released way back on the 29th of July 2015.

No matter which driver version I tried, every version any newer than the previously mentioned version 353.62 would break my monitor setup in Windows 10 in one way or another on a NVIDIA GeForce GTX TITAN X.

These problems include:

  • window positions resetting to the primary monitor when waking up from standby mode
  • monitor IDs swapping between primary and secondary monitor on each boot
  • Windows crashing with blue screen of death

Fix Skype's cloud-based group chats

Since Microsoft introduced Skype's cloud-based group chats which replaced the previous peer-to-peer group chats, you may sometimes find yourself in a situation where you are unable to send messages to those cloud-based group chats.

The source of the problem remains unknown but it appears to be limited to the cloud server that your Skype client is configured to use. Luckily, this can be changed.

Open Source, Packages, GitHub - Welcome to the 21st century

GitHubI'm in the process of turning most of my projects into open Source projects using GitHub, mainly because the company I'm working for finally started developing new projects as modular packages which brought back the fun into my everyday work as a web application developer.

Before, we had to implement all new features within a legacy code base which feels like it dates back to a time where dinosaurs where still around and which imposed strict limits on what could be done without becoming imcompatible to that code base. Combined with having to use an antique versioning system named CVS, I couldn't stand creating software in my free time anymore.


How to find software bugs

BugsI'm really not trying to find bugs in software but for some reason, I keep finding them.

By now, I figured out some rules which seem to make it much more likely to find bugs in software even though it is marked as being stable or production ready:



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