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Grand Theft Auto V has stopped working

Grand Theft Auto 5Imagine you just spent about 60 bucks on a computer game. Imagine said game kept crashing seemingly randomly without any sign of warning with a generic error message such as "Grand Theft Auto V has stopped working".

Now imagine you were presented with dozens of search results on Google with seemingly helpful "tips" what might cause it and how people managed to fix it. Sadly, those tips mostly read like this:

GTA V used to crash for me all the time. Then I fed my cat and it never crashed since then. So I suggest you all get a cat and feed it.

Unsurprisingly - even though cats can be evil - they are not responsible for GTA 5 or GTA online crashing.

It seems that Rockstar Games addressed most of the crash issues and some others in the latest patch for GTA V.
Read more about the various fixes in the official patch 350.1 release notes.

Minecraft - Beach Hotel Loop

It's time for a relaxing day and night cycle at "Hotel Random", a beach hotel located on the (invite-only) Minecraft server.

The hotel which was originally built in the early days of the Minecraft Beta recently received a major Minecraft 1.8 overhaul.

Can you feel the sea breeze?


Games for Windows LIVE "Code: 80048823" solved

Games for Windows LIVEIf you are in the same situation like I was for a few months now and you get a "Code: 80048823" error when trying to sign in to Games for Windows LIVE on your Windows PC with your correct username and password, this article might contain the solution you are looking for.

If you were wise enough to choose a long (> 10 characters) and cryptic password so script kiddies can't just take over your LIVE account, Microsoft's Games for Windows LIVE client simply can't handle your password and will give you meaningless error messages.

Login to your LIVE account through and change your password to something that is no longer than 10 characters.

There you go. That's it. You should be able to login again.

Asking for credit card information while not supporting secure passwords. Way to go Microsoft.

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