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Some words about furries

Natani and Keith's Bathtime by Tom FischbachThis should probably go somewhere else and it's very likely that no one will ever read this but I feel the urge to clear things up a bit.

Far too many people seem to think that the term "Furry" describes a group of people who have sex while wearing animal costumes. I have to say that this is not entirely wrong as some people really like to do that, but these people are just a rather small sub-group within the furry fandom.

So, what IS a furry?

The term "furry" has basically 2 meanings.

  1. fictional anthropomorphic animal characters with human personalities and characteristics
  2. people who like those characters (also called "furry fans")

The only thing that all furries (or "furry fans") have in common is probably that we like fictional anthropomorphic animal characters with human personalities and characteristics.

All the rest is a matter of personal taste.

What's up with the guys and girls in the costumes?

Those who wear and build animal costumes are called "fursuiters". Most of these suits are hand-made unique works which are usually made by the person who wears them later, but some fursuit makers also sell their suits to other furries. Some of these suits include animatronic like movable ears, tails and jaws.

The main purpose of a fursuit is to adopt another personality while in costume. Some fursuiters consider the fursuit a sexual item, but that's rather unusual. The reason why these people are often on TV is the same reason why there is porn on the internet: sex sells.

What's up with the people having sex with animals?

That's a really rare thing. Some of those people are furries, some aren't. Rapists aside, these people like their pet a little more than other people and as long as noone get's hurt, it's fine with me. Note that those who "do it right" have strict and rather complicated rules for doing it to ensure that noone gets hurt, one being that the animal may not be forced.

What's with the affection for stuffed animals?

Again, some furries like them, some don't. Most of those furries who like them just love them like a pet or a close friend. Of course, there are again people who see them as a sexual item but as long as they do in the privacy of their own room, there is no reason to be worried. It's just another fetish.

What's with acting like an animal and making animal noises?

Some furries, but again not all of them, have some kind of animal personality often used for roleplaying on- and off-line. Many of them draw pictures or have other people draw pictures of their "fursona". Making animal noises is part of the roleplay and some people might just like to bark or mew now and then. Again, as long as no one gets hurt there is not much to worry about. It's just a question of personal taste.

Okay. I got it. What of the above applies to you?

The answers you are looking for are hidden somewhere on this website. And if you are absolutely sure that you want to know more, you can ask me.

Comments? Questions? Don't be lazy. Leave a comment or send an @reply on Twitter.



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"'s very likely that no one will ever read this..."

Well, I proudly proclaim myself "Establisher of the Unlikely".

I came across this article as the first search result when i googled "furries make animal noises".

My curiosity originated with a girl I know who is a furry (by her admission, not my assumption), and while you'd never guess it looking at her in person, hang around long enough and you'll hear her randomly make animal noises like whiny/whimpering type noises. I find it quite odd, and so I was trying to see if anyone else does that. Guess so.

Chi-Yu's picture

The more time I spend around furries, the less I find those things odd.

I think most furries avoid making odd noises when they are around non-furs. The furs I know so far didn't even make anything too crazy when they were around other furs. I'm speaking about things like howling like a wolf here.

Occasional comic type "noises" like "woof" or "mew" on the other hand appear to be quite common.

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hey i what u said it spoke to me sometimes people can be bastards but that was nice what u said and i just wanna say something keep going never give up :]

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