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Open Source, Packages, GitHub - Welcome to the 21st century

GitHubI'm in the process of turning most of my projects into open Source projects using GitHub, mainly because the company I'm working for finally started developing new projects as modular packages which brought back the fun into my everyday work as a web application developer.

Before, we had to implement all new features within a legacy code base which feels like it dates back to a time where dinosaurs where still around and which imposed strict limits on what could be done without becoming incompatible to that code base. Combined with having to use an antique versioning system named CVS, I couldn't stand creating software in my free time anymore.

Since developing in packages and using techniques such as software design patterns makes it a lot easier to re-use existing code, I started splitting up my own private PHP projects into packages.

While the packages could use some more features, the API is considered pretty stable and I released the first two packages for beta testing.

Those are namely:

Both packages are fully unit tested and connected to Travis CI. They are both used here on for creating the webcam image which is now based on the randomhost/webcamoverlay package which is currently in alpha state.

If you have a use case for either of the two packages above, feel free to test them.

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