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NVIDIA drivers and multi-monitor setups

nvidiaSince July 2015, my GeForce Experience has become somewhat of a nightmare.

I'm among a few dozen people who are suffering from several issues with their multi-monitor setup with the latest NVIDIA drivers and the only solution so far seems to be to stick to driver version 353.62 which was released way back on the 29th of July 2015.

No matter which driver version I tried, every version any newer than the previously mentioned version 353.62 would break my monitor setup in Windows 10 in one way or another on a NVIDIA GeForce GTX TITAN X.

These problems include:

  • window positions resetting to the primary monitor when waking up from standby mode
  • monitor IDs swapping between primary and secondary monitor on each boot
  • Windows crashing with blue screen of death

Furthermore GeForce Experience tends to eat all of the available bandwidth by downloading something in the background and there doesn't seem to be any way to keep it from downloading tons of data in the background without even indicating what it's downloading and why.

I thought that I was being clever when I disabled automatic updates in GeForce Experience, thinking that it would be sufficient to stop NVIDIA from forcing their buggy driver updates on me.

At this point, Microsoft's Automatic Windows Update kicks in and updates the NVIDIA drivers without asking, completely bypassing GeForce Experience and thereby ignoring my preference to NOT update NVIDIA drivers automatically.

Since I couldn't find a way to stop Windows from updating hardware drivers without disabling Windows updates alltogether, I'm now stuck in a situation where I'm completely uninstalling all of NVIDIA's software from my computer every other day in order to manually install my preferred driver version.

That's why I'm quite pissed at both - NVIDIA and Microsoft - for taking away my control over the software that is installed on my computer and I had to write it down somewhere before I go on with installing driver version 353.62, once again.

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