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Grand Theft Auto V has stopped working

Grand Theft Auto 5Imagine you just spent about 60 bucks on a computer game. Imagine said game kept crashing seemingly randomly without any sign of warning with a generic error message such as "Grand Theft Auto V has stopped working".

Now imagine you were presented with dozens of search results on Google with seemingly helpful "tips" what might cause it and how people managed to fix it. Sadly, those tips mostly read like this:

GTA V used to crash for me all the time. Then I fed my cat and it never crashed since then. So I suggest you all get a cat and feed it.

Unsurprisingly - even though cats can be evil - they are not responsible for GTA 5 or GTA online crashing.

It seems that Rockstar Games addressed most of the crash issues and some others in the latest patch for GTA V.
Read more about the various fixes in the official patch 350.1 release notes.

There are many reasons why GTA might crash, but the most common one seems to be a known bug affecting aiming from inside a vehicle like a car, airplane, helicopter, boat, motorcycle or whatever. It seems to occur whenever you were using some sort of explosives earlier, like sticky bombs or any type of grenade.

People keep suggesting stupid "fixes" like re-installing Windows, un-installing third party software, disabling anti virus software or even tampering with game files.

Don't do that. It won't help.

While keeping your system clean is generally a good idea, it's up to Rockstar Games to fix this issue since it's clearly a bug within their game.

The most sane approach at the time of writing is to avoid the issue by NOT using explosives until the game was patched to fix the problem.

And PLEASE do not infect the Internet with more nonsense suggestions like "I did something completely unrelated and it fixed it for me." You are NOT helping.

Thank you.


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tried everything online and also in communication with rockstar technical support - the can not fix it and just keep asking for stuff lie dxdiog msinfor32 or even ip addresss and internet speedtests - useless - i have requested a refund from steam - i agree with you completely

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The people providing technical support often have a limited amount of technical expertise. They merely go through a standard catalog of questions and procedures to rule out common problems on the user end before a real developer even gets to see the ticket. They also collect data such as the DirectX diagnosis you mentioned so it's already available if they have to pass the ticket on to a developer.

While this is annoying for the end user, it's sadly necessary because most end users don't know shit about technology and if the developers had to look at each support case, there wouldn't be any time left to do their actual job which is programming. You first have to go through the "I'm not an idiot" obstacle course before your issue is considered a bug which needs to be looked at by a professional.

I know that from personal experience since I used to run a tech support website for more than 6 years and I'm a software developer myself.

The problem with "Grand Theft Auto V has stopped working" is that it's a generic Windows error message and unless you provide sufficient context so that it becomes obvious that it's an already known software bug which occurs in a specific in-game situation, tech support sort of has to assume that something is wrong with your system.

However, it's an annoying issue which should have been found in testing but considering the changed release date they probably didn't have the time to do more testing.

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