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Fix Skype's cloud-based group chats

Since Microsoft introduced Skype's cloud-based group chats which replaced the previous peer-to-peer group chats, you may sometimes find yourself in a situation where you are unable to send messages to those cloud-based group chats.

Typing in the command /dumpmsnp will most likely return a line Status: LoggedOut which indicates that your client is not actually connected to the servers responsible for handling the cloud-based group chats.

The source of the problem remains unknown but it appears to be limited to the cloud server that your Skype client is configured to use. Luckily, this can be changed.

Identify Skype configuration file

Locate the configuration file for the Skype account you are having trouble with. It should be located at ~/.Skype/<your_skype_username>/config.xml.

Check MSNP home server

The MSNP home server your client uses can be found in the <MSNPCore> section.


You can test this HomeServer's host name with the traceroute command (e.g. traceroute which might provide some insights why your client has issues connecting to it.

Maybe you didn't use your account in quite a while (e.g. due to prolonged vacation) and the server simply ceased to exist.

Switch to a different MSNP home server

Although it is clearly an issue with the Skype client that it doesn't appear to have reliable fallback mechanisms for broken cloud servers, the solution is just a few keystrokes away:

  1. Close any running skype instance.
  2. Either empty or remove the <HomeServer> tags in config.xml and save the file.
  3. Start the Skype client. You should be able to send and receive group chat messages now.
  4. Check the config.xml file again. The <HomeServer> tags should have been updated with a new cloud server host name.
  5. Repeat the traceroute check with the new cloud server host name which will hopefully not indicate any problems.


As an alternative, just stop using Skype already, switch to Slack and start being productive. ;)


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