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Enable "Media device (MTP)" USB mode on Android 4.4 (KitKat) and 5.0 (Lollipop)

Android "Media Device (MTP)" mode notificationSince I only wanted to charge my new Nexus 5 at work rather than having my phone content exposed to company hardware, I disabled "Media device (MTP)" USB mode there. This is actually easy since there is a shortcut in the notifications which let's you do just that.

The tricky part is to turn that back on when you are back home and want to connect your KitKat phone to your private computer. The system won't find the phone unless "USB computer connection" on your Android is either set to "Media device (MTP)" or "Camera (PTP)". The notifiction which used to be there in MTP mode is gone so there is no shortcut to get back to that setting.

Android "Storage" overview screenAfter looking for that setting for ages, going through every possible menu and exploring the deeps of Android 4.4, I was about to give up when I finally found the menu I was looking for, well hidden as a tiny "more options" button within the "Storage" overview screen.

Android "USB computer connection" settingsTouching that will finally bring you to the "USB computer connection" settings where you can choose either one of the available options to make your phone visible to your computer again.

I guess providing a "Select USB connection mode" notification with a shortcut to that screen would have been too easy.

Update 25.11.2014:

This issue is still present in Android 5.0 (Lollipop) and the solution is still the same. I will never understand why they reworked the user experience but didn't fix this annoying usability problem.

Update 15.10.2015:

Almost two years later, this issue has finally been fixed in Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) by introducing the previously missing notification which now allows the user to choose between "Charging only", "Transfer files (MTP)", "Transfer photos (PTP)" and "MIDI".

Samsung / Sony / <insert brand here> phone owners:
Please read the comments if you are having trouble finding the settings on your device. Some manufacturers go their own way in user interface design so everything looks and works a bit different. I cannot cover all those devices in this blog.


Casey's picture

Am using samsung s5 trying to connect it to my but can't when I go in storage the little menu am not seeing it there, just arrow to go back out

AJAI's picture

This way of shortcut helped me a lot, thanks

kyaw's picture

S4 I cann't connect my phone and pc.i cann't see usb connection.pls help me

maf's picture

To find and Enable "Media device (MTP)" USB mode on Android 4.4 (KitKat) and 5.0 (Lollipop) do *#0808#
o your phone like you making a call and wait few sec @ min adnwe lead to the page to selecT MTP

Chi-Yu's picture

Android "USB for charging" mode notificationAfter almost two years, they finally added what was missing in Android 6 (Marshmallow).

Thanks for all your comments. I never really expected anyone to even find this blog. XD

Anirudh's picture

Thanks a lot !!! I owe you one! Was searchin fr hours before this....

L.M's picture

This caused me so much consternation with Samsung Galaxy S3 (rooted, running Cyanogenmod, Android 4.4). You are a lifesaver.

starks's picture

thanx man for the help

Ira Seigal's picture

I have the same issue. I just received a used ATT Samsung Galaxy Note 3, everything works but PC's will not recognize a USB connection.

I have tried everything obvious : cables , other PC's , ports, and resetting phone.

The listed solutions do not work for me, there seems to be absolutely no way to enable this . I am in developer mode, I checked USB Devbugging. There is no menu is "storage for me", the ## codes do not work for me.

I am about to return the phone, because the only diagnosis is a bad USB port on the phone.

Is there anything else I can try? I thought maybe ATT 5.0 on a Note 3 is a little different, maybe the menu is hidden someplace else.

Anything you suggest would be helpful.

Nyanyonyimus's picture

hi. im using Himax Polymer X. i was enabled the MTP. Then what else? im still connected it still like charging

Antony Julian's picture

Dear All,
As per the above instruction the button is not found in my MENU

Im using Karbonn Titanium Octane Plus ( Android 4.4 )

Please help me to sort out this issue

Leesa's picture

Thank you for making this EASY. What a headache it was before!

Bani's picture

Very helpful

Just a random user's picture

thanks bro

Gowsalya's picture

hey, I too did it earlier after hours of searching but I am not finding that option in storage now..
any help

Laica's picture

What if I cannot open the USB COMPUTER CONNECTION ?

Just a random user's picture

Thankyou bro!!

Alireza's picture

You saved my time, thanks

Faisal's picture

Thank you....or u can dial *#0808# ;)

hope it works for you.

Thank uuuu.

Chi-Yu's picture

This code appears to be specific to certain phones and specific Android versions. It doesn't work on all devices and since it's a bit unclear what dialing this code does on the individual phone, I wouldn't recommend it.

I know that it's supposed to bring up the USB settings screen on some Samsung phones but these codes are not supposed to be used by end users. That's what user interfaces are there for.

Actually, blindly typing in cryptic codes which you found on the Internet might cause unexpected things to happen to your phone. Leave that to people who know exactly what they are doing.

Shubham kaushik's picture

Thanks a lot,I was unable to find it as I am trying to get every tiny options.

Nida's picture

i turned it off for usb debugging, and i couldn't locate the usb computer connection settings, thanks :D

Amit's picture

Changing the cable worked. First I was using a cheap cable bought from street, and it worked best for charging. But when I used a standard branded cable (this was Samsung) and it worked like charm....

Chi-Yu's picture

Some manufacturers do indeed try to save some money by leaving away the data cable pair.

This usually cannot be detected by just looking at the cable and people won't notice until they try to use that cable for transferring files to their computer.

I also bought some chargers in the past which came with USB cables without a data cable pair, but at least those were labeled with "only charging".

Nimisha 's picture

I have a nexus 5. The option that allows the user to choose between "Charging only", "Transfer files (MTP)", "Transfer photos (PTP)" and "MIDI" is not coming whenever I connect my phone to my laptop. It automatically starts charging. Also, the android is updated to marshmallow and still I cant find a way to retrieve that notification. Please help me out.

Chi-Yu's picture

As suggested in one of the comments above, the USB cable might be at fault here.

USB cables are usually manufactured with at least two pairs of cables. One pair is used for charging and the other pair is used for data transfer.

However, in order to save manufacturing costs the data cable pair is sometimes left out. This applies especially to surprisingly cheap USB cables and to cables which are shipped with devices such as chargers which do not require the data cable pair to function.

Also, damaged USB cables may still work for charging but not for data, depending on which cable pairs are affected.

bx323's picture

MUIU USB Settings App PlayStore, if none works.

Chi-Yu's picture

I guess you are referring to "MIUI USB Settings" and I think this app is targeted primarily at MIUI phones.

It also doesn't have a lot of ratings so I'd be careful here, especially since the description recommends to enable USB debugging which is meant for development purposes and usually not required.

Johann's picture

When I connect my Nexus 5 running Android 6.0.1, I am not getting the notification that on the phone and windows 10 doesn't recognize device.

Chi-Yu's picture

Did you try a different cable yet? See this comment for details.

satyendra verma's picture

Dear sir hand set xolo black 3GB ram mobile. mobile connect to computer to mobile in usb computer connection 4 types option show media device (MTP) Camera (PTP) Charging, Mount CD-ROM but MTP option no show my phone floder any contain. how to connected Mass storge.

atechi ghislain's picture

thanks alots ma men almost fomated my phone

Ian's picture

Onya mate, I've been looking for this for yonks :) Why the hell isn't this an option when you connect to USB...

Chi-Yu's picture

Well, it is now. They finally changed it with Android 6.

It's simply yet another case of horrible user interface design. They obviously didn't think about it and the issue probably got lost somewhere in a huge backlog of things to fix in Android.

The option was there after all. It just took people ages to find it. I guess that's "good enough" to remain a "low priority" annoyance which doesn't need to be fixed right away.

That's just how development works in big projects.

ronaldngoda 's picture

hello there I am using a vodaphone smart tab... and I can't locate that menu in the storage unit..... anyone with an idea about that

Chi-Yu's picture

You should probably ask that question in some sort or vodaphone forum. This blog doesn't attract a lot of smartphone experts.

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My Mobile connect usb setting on

Saad's picture


vikram jain's picture

my phone touch has broken so phone screen is gone black so how could i change media device to camera device by just connecting to my pc


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