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Games for Windows LIVE "Code: 80048823" solved

Games for Windows LIVEIf you are in the same situation like I was for a few months now and you get a "Code: 80048823" error when trying to sign in to Games for Windows LIVE on your Windows PC with your correct username and password, this article might contain the solution you are looking for.

If you were wise enough to choose a long (> 10 characters) and cryptic password so script kiddies can't just take over your LIVE account, Microsoft's Games for Windows LIVE client simply can't handle your password and will give you meaningless error messages.

Login to your LIVE account through and change your password to something that is no longer than 10 characters.

There you go. That's it. You should be able to login again.

Asking for credit card information while not supporting secure passwords. Way to go Microsoft.

Just a random blog

It seems I managed to install Drupal and create my first content. So far so boring.

I noticed that posting tweets on Twitter is a nice and quick way to let people know what I'm currently doing but it won't let me go into details because of the 140 characters limit. This is why I needed a weblog, also known as blog.

From now on, you will have yet another place to read about the life of someone you don't even know and there is probably no reason why you should spend another second on this rather useless website.

But maybe, one day in the future, this blog will be filled with tons of information and solutions to problems I encountered in my life.

And maybe I'll write a few words about furries and why they are not what you think they are. But that's another story.


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