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KeePass Password Safe

KeePass Password SafeAs you should all know, having the same password in a lot of different places is a bit of a security concern, especially when you register at a lot of different websites.

Most normal websites like this blog here don't use any form of encryption which means that your password is travelling unencrypted across the internet. Someone who is technically skilled could easily capture the password and some websites even save passwords unencrypted in their database, allowing the website administrator to read your password and gain access to your account.

Therefore, you should use different passwords whereever possible as it means that someone who gains access to one of your passwords won't be able to access other websites and ressources using the same password.

Unless your name is Data and you are serving on the USS Enterprise, memorizing hundreds of different passwords is definitely out of question. That's why some clever people invented password managers such as KeePass Password Safe, a free open source password managing application for Windows.

KeePass Password Safe, as the name suggests, is capable of storing several hundreds of passwords in an organized and safe manner. Usernames and passwords can be organized in groups. Each entry consists of a title, username, password, URL, notes and finally an "expires" field for timelimited passwords.

The URL field can be used to open a website associated with the password, to connect to FTP servers, to open SSH sessions or to execute programs on your computer.

Another great feature is the sophisticated builtin password generator. It allows you to generate complex and safe passwords by using password profiles or custom patterns for password generation. So if a website or software requires a password in a special format or doesn't support some characters, you can tell KeePass Password Safe how the password it supposed to look like.

The password database is encrypted using the encryption algorithms AES and Twofish. It can be unlocked with either a master password or a key file.

A portable version for USB flash drives is also available so you can carry your passwords with you.

Get it here: KeePass Password Safe

Some words about furries

Natani and Keith's Bathtime by Tom FischbachThis should probably go somewhere else and it's very likely that no one will ever read this but I feel the urge to clear things up a bit.

Far too many people seem to think that the term "Furry" describes a group of people who have sex while wearing animal costumes. I have to say that this is not entirely wrong as some people really like to do that, but these people are just a rather small sub-group within the furry fandom.

So, what IS a furry?

The term "furry" has basically 2 meanings.

  1. fictional anthropomorphic animal characters with human personalities and characteristics
  2. people who like those characters (also called "furry fans")

The only thing that all furries (or "furry fans") have in common is probably that we like fictional anthropomorphic animal characters with human personalities and characteristics.

All the rest is a matter of personal taste.

What's up with the guys and girls in the costumes?

Those who wear and build animal costumes are called "fursuiters". Most of these suits are hand-made unique works which are usually made by the person who wears them later, but some fursuit makers also sell their suits to other furries. Some of these suits include animatronic like movable ears, tails and jaws.

The main purpose of a fursuit is to adopt another personality while in costume. Some fursuiters consider the fursuit a sexual item, but that's rather unusual. The reason why these people are often on TV is the same reason why there is porn on the internet: sex sells.

What's up with the people having sex with animals?

That's a really rare thing. Some of those people are furries, some aren't. Rapists aside, these people like their pet a little more than other people and as long as noone get's hurt, it's fine with me. Note that those who "do it right" have strict and rather complicated rules for doing it to ensure that noone gets hurt, one being that the animal may not be forced.

What's with the affection for stuffed animals?

Again, some furries like them, some don't. Most of those furries who like them just love them like a pet or a close friend. Of course, there are again people who see them as a sexual item but as long as they do in the privacy of their own room, there is no reason to be worried. It's just another fetish.

What's with acting like an animal and making animal noises?

Some furries, but again not all of them, have some kind of animal personality often used for roleplaying on- and off-line. Many of them draw pictures or have other people draw pictures of their "fursona". Making animal noises is part of the roleplay and some people might just like to bark or mew now and then. Again, as long as no one gets hurt there is not much to worry about. It's just a question of personal taste.

Okay. I got it. What of the above applies to you?

The answers you are looking for are hidden somewhere on this website. And if you are absolutely sure that you want to know more, you can ask me.

Comments? Questions? Don't be lazy. Leave a comment or send an @reply on Twitter.


IcoFX - The Free Icon Editor

IcoFX - The Free Icon EditorI thought that it was time for a blog post which is actually useful for other people. It seems that most people reach this site via search engines by searching for solutions to their problems.

So, if you are still looking for a good icon editor for Windows which supports alpha transparency and doesn't cost a cent, you should definitely take a look at IcoFX. I've been using this program for some years now and I'm very happy with it.

I can't say much about the editing features such as brushes, pencils and the like because there is one particular feature of IcoFX which makes all these tool useless: PNG import.

That's right. You can simply create your icon in your favorite graphics editing software, save it in PNG format with full alpha transparency and import it into IcoFX.

You can then either use the import feature to import more graphics in different resolutions and different color depths into the same icon file or you can use the editor's built-in convert functionality to create new "sub-icons" from already existing icons.

IcoFX can also export icons as BMP, JPEG, PNG, GIF or JPEG2000 and extract icons from DLL files like shell32.dll or EXE files.

The built-in resource editor allows it to replace icons in program files.

What are you waiting for? Go, get it.


IcoFX was meanwhile renamed "The Professional Icon Editor" and turned into a commercial product.
The regular price is now $59.

Related Link: IcoFX - The Professional Icon Editor

Creating a .tar.gz file with 7-Zip

7-Zip - Creating a tar.gz file - Part 1I'm in the process of bringing my MyMiniCity Dynamic Signature script to SourceForge. While creating the download archives, I came across a very simple and yet very interesting question:

How do I create a ".tar.gz" file using 7-Zip on Windows?

On Linux, I would simply run:

tar cfz archive.tar.gz folder

When using 7-Zip on Windows, this process is a little bit more complicated.

As a GZIP compressed archive can contain only one file, 7-Zip won't offer you GZIP compression if you try to compress a folder or multiple files at once. When you choose TAR, you can't select any compression algorithm.

7-Zip - Creating a tar.gz file - Part 2The trick is, that you have to create a TAR archive first. You can then put that single TAR file into 7-Zip and it will finally offer you the ability to compress that file using GZIP.

The result is an archive with the .tar.gz extension which is exactly what you wanted to do.

That's another example how something that needs several mouse clicks on Windows needs a single line on a Linux shell.


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