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Get this... and that... and probably that as well

RecommendationsI spiced up the Recommendations section with more content, simply because I realized that I have tons of useful software installed which I cannot live without which was still not listed here. I'm still not done adding all the tools which I think are worth mentioning there, so feel free to come back later if you are interested.

While we are talking about it, I'm also adding new recommendation categories such as events so I can finally recommend conventions like Eurofurence which every furry should have attended at least once, even though it's only to find out that it's not for you. You don't want to miss out on something awesome just because you are too shy to try it, do you?

Finally, I got a question for you guys and girls:

Would you like to see computer games in the Recommendations section or would that be too much?

Leave a comment.

Blog update

Drupal and PHP 5.4This blog is now proudly running on Drupal 7. I was afraid of this upgrade all the time but it turned out to be a lot less problematic than I expected. Actually, I had to take this step as Drupal 6 - or rather some very common contributed modules - kinda refused to work properly with PHP 5.4. Since I was sick at home anyway, I finally decided to use that time to take care of this rather exciting task on my to-do list.

Now that I got it out of the way, I might feel a little more motivated to add new content to this site. I started off with a new gadget on the right side of all pages labeled "Random Likes". It shows a random entry from the Recommendations section which will change (almost) every time you view a page. I'll try to add some new recommended apps and programs once I'm through with those furry events like fur dances and fur meets.

Oh, and by the way: the eurofurence countdown got it's own domain now.

403 Forbidden - Fur Affinity hotlink protection explained

403 ForbiddenIf you are a furry and you have an interest in furry art you might have noticed that other furries started giving you strange reactions to the art you post in forums or on your websites. People claim that they can't see the art you posted and even when you link them to the image directly, they say that they only get a white page with the text "403 Forbidden" on it.

This is all caused by a mechanism called "hotlink protection".




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